Greeting & The history of Sapporo South Rotary Club


Greetings from the 2017-2018 president of the Rotary Club of Sapporo South. The last year was a memorable twelve month for our club, powerfully led by the themes set by President Hoshino, and providing full and undivided support for RI District 2510 Governor Takebe acting as the host club for a series of successfully completed functions.
In the year before that, the club provided assistance to and backing up of then Governor Elect Takebe in addition to undertaking the activities for our sixtieth anniversary conducted under the outstanding leadership of President Homma. Also here the whole of the club acting as one brought these events to a successful completion.
In this manner, for two years, the President Homma and Hoshino Rotary years, the Rotary Club of Sapporo South has raised its level of activity, strengthening the club immeasurably.
Carrying on from here in this coming year it will again be necessary to look back at our basic foundations and ensure their continued implementation.
The basic theme I have set for the 2017-2018 club year for the Rotary Club of Sapporo South is:
Maintaining our strengths, learning from the new, and building the future through service.
This year, the Rotary Club of Sapporo South will reach its sixty-second year, as a club which both in name and reputation is held together by our traditions. The history is represented by the changes and developments our club has experienced, the reputation is from our uninterrupted sixty one years of continuous activity.
This tradition is made possible as a result of the guiding principle of our club: "nagoyaki no seishin" (a spirit of harmony and amiability). A state that we in the club can rely on with full confidence. Making it possible for us to develop from our strengths and learn from the new.
Like Confucius directs us: study well the history and ideas of our forebears and new vistas for activity will open up. Here we are urged to learn from those who went before us.
Just like in this saying, this coming year will see us pursue our service activities as we have learned from our predecessors and build onwards into the future, step by step. The annual theme for Rotary International as proposed by RI President Ian H. S. Raiseley is "Rotary: making a difference" and through our service activities we will engage with changes as we are being urged here.
This will be through the Rotary organization serving humanity, and ensuring that this coming year will see a continuation of the extraordinary service provided by Rotary.
The goal for the coming year in the Rotary Club of Sapporo South is first of all to make our meetings meaningful for the continuing activities of all members, and promoting amiable intercourse among members.
Like we have seen it implemented in the Homma and Hoshino years I have made this the first among our goals.
The second important issue is to make use of all possible opportunities to increase our membership.
This is also an issue that the presidents throughout the years have held up as a goal, and without keeping this constantly before us we will be unable to continue the activity of the club.
The district has announced the goal of a 3% increase in membership, making it necessary for us to ensure a membership of more than 92.
The third point of importance for us is to support the district as the home club for Vice Governor Tokunaka. In this capacity we have to ensure the success of the March 17, 2018 Intercity Meeting of RI District 2510 Groups 4 and 5.
The fourth focus for our activity is to promote programs to support the health and education of youth, the coming generation. This has shown outstanding results since president Homma, and we will ensure the continuation of these outstanding service activities. Results cannot be achieved by the activities of any single year and continued effort is the key here. Activities that will finally bear fruit were started in the Homma president year, and we will maintain and build on these efforts.
The fifth matter of import is the environment of the district we inhabit.
With the Rotary international theme of maintaining our environment as a matter of utmost concern, we are being urged to plant as many trees as we have members in the club. For District 2510 the goal is to plant as many trees as there are members in the district as our contribution to environmental preservation.
In view of the deterioration of the environment caused by global warming and climate changes that pose a threat to our lives we have to work to learn what the actual situation is and throughout the year act in accordance with what we find.
Our club formerly had an environment preservation committee, this year our Social Service Committee will build on its activities and work on action for the global environment.
I have listed these five points of importance for us this year, and to achieve these the necessary harmonious relations, the very basis of the activities of our club, our "nagoyagi no seishin ", will show its importance and play an important role in our activities and exchanges in this year.
Now at the assumption of the presidency I ask that we all maintain an awareness of the history that our predecessors have left us during these past 61 years, learning from this, and ensuring that all of us together perform the service that we can offer for the future; and with this I will conclude my message.

After receiving permission from Rotary International the Rotary Club of Sapporo South was created with the Rotary Club of Sapporo as the sponsor, it was the first 'additional club' in Hokkaido and the fourth in Japan. The founding assembly took place on June 22, 1956 at Sapporo Grand Hotel with 34 members in attendance. On June 29 of the same year RC Sapporo South was approved by and admitted to Rotary International. From that initial step and until today the wisdom and the constant, untiring efforts of our predececessors have guided the club in its service to the community, firmly base based in the spirit of amiability and harmony .