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District 2510 Hokkaido, Japan toDistrict 3830 Metro Manila, the Philippines
February 23 to March 29, 2004

Team Leader:
Name TOBE Ken’ichi
Sex Male
Age 65 yeas old
Affiliation Rotary Club Sapporo West RC
Office President, Nippon Shokuhin Co. Ltd.
Honorary Consul for the Philippines
After graduating from the department of agriculture at the University of Hokkaido in 1961, I went on to study at the University of Illinois. Once back in Japan, I joined Nippon Food Co., a company specializing in processed food products founded by my father. As a result of my marriage in 1965, I now have a daughter living in Tokyo, a son in Paris, and a very cute grandson.
I have been a member of Sapporo West RC since 1966 and have actively participated in the Youth Exchange Committee, the World Community Service Committee of our district and have also been President of our club.
My first encounter with the Philippines was in 1966 when I stopped off on my way home from Mexico, the native country of my wife Ana Maria who also is an active member of the Rotary Club. As a Rotarian, I have been visiting our sister club, Makati West RC almost every year since 1984. I have also had the privilege of being appointed to the post of Honorary Consul of the Republic of the Philippines in Sapporo since 1993 to this day.
I am a very fortunate person. I say this because I have three countries that I am proud to say I love dearly; my country, the Philippines, and Mexico. I treasure all the wonderful people that I have come across and the unique experiences throughout the years, and hope to contribute everything possible to the activities of Rotary.
Team Members:
Name KOJIMA Yumi
Sex Female
Age 36 years old
Speciality and an occupation Nurse
I graduated from College of Medical Technology, Hokkaido University. After graduation, I moved to Kyushu, the northernmost part of Japan, where I had spent my childhood.
I worked for a university hospital for three years there. Then I returned to Hokkaido, because I like the natural environments of the prefecture, and because there are a lot of good friends here. I am now working for Sapporo Social Insurance General Hospital as a chief of a nurse station. There are four members in my family, an 8-year-old daughter, two dogs and myself. My motto in life is to be always active and twinkling where I am situated. I am curious about anything new around me and I always feel like trying to investigate them. I am very happy to be a member of the GSE program. I'm excited to visit the Philippines, which I have never been to.
Team Members:
Name KON’NO Takumi
Sex Female
Age 27 years old
Speciality and an occupation Beautician
After finishing high school, I studied at Hokkaido Hair Stylist School and practiced my skill as a beautician. Sakurai Beauty Salon in the center of Sapporo is my workplace. My hobbies are oil painting, graphic arts on the computer, and Japanese dance. Our beauty salon has been involved in voluntary services for many years. We have a special week during which foreign students are invited to have their hair cut or permed. Therefore I have a lot of chances to meet young people from abroad. I have a strong interest in manicure or nail art and I think I am good at it. Taking this great opportunity, I would like to meet beauticians and observe the beauty business in the Philippines. I'll be happy if I can have some opportunities to demonstrate my skills as a beautician.
Team Members:
Name SAKUMA Shinji
Sex Male
Age 29 years old
Speciality and an occupation Office worker
majored in American/English cultures at Hokkai Gakuen University in Sapporo. I work for the Hokkaido Shimbun, a newspaper publisher, in the personnel department. I have been interested in bioethics for many years and the topic of my graduation essay at college was on hospice. While I was a boy, I enjoyed baseball and ice skating a lot. At the age of 15, I had a severe disease but luckily enough I could survive. But because of the disease I have now a slight trouble in my leg. Because many people saved me from a deadly disease, I'd like to repay the people around me. In the Philippines I'd like to visit some schools to learn how NIE (Newspaper In Education) is conducted. I also like to meet many people to exchange both cultures.
Team Members:
Name FUKUCHI Nobuaki
Sex Male
Age 30 years old
Speciality and an occupation Medical technician
I got my college education at College of Medical Technology, Hokkaido University. Now I work for Hokkaido Red Cross Blood Center (Blood Bank). We receive blood from donors at the center and check it and sort it according to the blood types. Then we send good and safe blood to patients at hospitals.
I spend my leisure time enjoying sports, such as swimming in the summer and skiing in the winter. Two years ago a group of medical technicians from Thailand visited our center for their study. I was in charge of the group and I had a hard but wonderful time. In that experience I learned that communication is possible if the both parties make efforts to understand each other. I am very happy and proud to have been chosen as a GSE member. Making use of this opportunity, I am going to brush up my English and widen my world views.

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